Monday, January 08, 2007

Xbox 360 Price Drop Soon?

Analysts--Michael Goodman and Colin Sebastian talk 360 cash! "At CES, Microsoft is introducing several new services and updates for the Xbox 360 aimed at broadening the content available over the platform beyond video games...specifically, Microsoft is now positioning the Xbox 360 as a media hub and set-top box for the living room, linking broadband connectivity and the Xbox Live service with providers of traditional media content through Internet protocol television (IPTV)."

Goodman put a few more chips on the table, telling GameSpot he was looking at the March-June time frame as fertile ground for a price drop--and that if Microsoft really wanted to disrupt the console playing field, it would slash the price by $100.

"It's a market share battle," Goodman said. The $100 cut in price is what Microsoft would do "if [it] wants to be super competitive--put Sony against the wall and put competitive pressure on the Wii."

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