Friday, January 12, 2007

NECA & the order of the Phoenix

NECA have showcased their new figures from the next Harry Potter film, the Order of the Phoenix, they are very detailed and quite well sculpted but i have to ask the question, are these right for a US toy line? i mean they don't look like they can even move let alone be played with. I'm concerned these toys will not have the longevity as the excellent Cards Inc. range.


mapooo said...

Ok, i have to say i like these, they are looking pretty good. But i assume there is a major difference between these and the ones from Cards inc. These are meant to be a collectable, and not intended for play, while Cinc's are a toy first and foremost

Cult Press said...

true but the license is 'master toy' not 'collectable statue'. they are very goood though, no doubt.