Friday, January 26, 2007

2007 is the year action figures go back to their roots

Having just got back from Toy Fair in London i have to say that 2007 will be a great year for toys. The Corgi International / Cards Inc. action figure line of Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix and the Golden Compass look to be going back to their roots, 3& 3/4 inch scale baby!

What is awesome about these ranges is there play-ability, yes they come with playsets, something Hasbro have let star wars fans down with for many years, the main attraction and Christmas toy of the year WILL be the Hogwarts Great Hall Playset, you will not believe how beautiful this toy is. Harry Potter fans of all ages are in for a treat.

The Golden Compass Lord Asriel figure played by Daniel Craig !!!IS!!! Daniel Craig, we thought the Albus Dumbledore figure was the best sculpt we had seen at this scale from the online previews, but Lord Asriel is better, James Bond figures anyone?


Check out or friends at reviews of the Cards Inc. range of HP5 & Golden Compass Toys (they go into more detail and are far more professional), move over Hasbro!

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